USB OTG Checker App

The Best Free USB OTG Checker App for Android

Almost all Android devices supported USB connection, but only a few of them comes with On The Go (OTG) protocol features. In a nutshell, USB OTG allows the phone to connect to a USB peripheral through Micro USB or USB-C port. Before decided to buy USB OTG for Android, one thing you should consider is trying to figure out whether the phone support that type of connection. The easiest way is using USB OTG checker app.

Google has been released OTG connection since Android 3.1, but only several numbers of the phone come with that feature. The phone manufacturer also ‘didn’t realize’ this new update and remains disabled on their phones.

Now, let’s see if your phone supports USB OTG using these free apps below:

The Best Free USB OTG Checker App for Android

USB OTG Checker

As it named, it’s a very simple app that only shows you information whether the phone supported USB OTG or still disabled by the manufacturer. The size of this app is about 2 MB and works with Android 4.0.3 or newer. This app also includes a step-by-step to enabling OTG support, precisely by root.

Download USB OTG Checker via Google Play Store


No, it’s not a question. The OTG? is a free app to check USB OTG capability, both Android phone and tablet. It will scan deeply to ensure an accurate result. The interface might not great, but the size of this app is pretty small, only 1,1 MB and works with Android 4.0 or above.

Download OTG? via Google Play Store

What if my phone doesn’t support USB OTG?

The Android phone since Ice Cream Sandwich was actually supported USB OTG, yet that function remain disabled by phone the manufacturer. If your Android phone is running older OS, it seems almost impossible to enabling OTG.

Meanwhile, you can activate the OTG capability by rooting device. The best app I ever know to permit OTG is USB OTG Helper. It completely free and easy to use. But, please note that rooting your Android means you losing all warranty, several default settings, and not guarantee to be successfully.

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