How to Open File or Folder in One Click

How to Open File or Folder in Just One Click on Windows

Microsoft first introduced Windows 1.0 with Graphic User Interface (GUI) back in 1985, featuring tons of ability to control the system seamlessly. It also brings mouse capability to open file or folder quickly instead of typing command by keyboard. Sure, it requires the user to click two times promptly and this culture remains to next-generation of the operating system, including Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and also Windows 10. Fortunately, in the recent version, the company has provided an options to open file and folder with just one click.

There is actually less reason to replace double click into a single click. However, on some occasions, you may need this option to increase the productivity and usability. Put say, when you wanted to explore folders quickly to find abandoned files while pursuit by extremely limited time.

Alright, then how to change double click into single click? Check out following guides below. It works for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 (hopefully).

How to Open File or Folder in One Click

Step 1
Open Windows Explorer/File Explorer/Libraries/My Computer or whatever you name it, and then click File on the tab menus.

Open File with One Click

Step 2
Select Change folder and search options.

Open File with One Click

Step 3
On the General tab, choose Single-click to open an item (point to select). Finally, click Apply and OK to confirm the new configuration.

Open File with One Click

Now the pointer will act as predetermined settings. Quickly open file and folder with a single click, while in order to select files can be done by hovering the mouse. It might not be good if you often selecting files. In addition, I would like to recommend using SHIFT+ArrowUp/ArrowDown to highlight files in a row or CTRL+LeftClick for files that are not sequential.

You always able to revert back the settings to double-click mode by following the previous guide and on this window, choose Double-click to open an item (single-click to select), then OK.

Open File with One Click

How about touchscreen display?

The basic function still same, the click is same to tap. Meanwhile, to select some files or folder, touch and drag your finger over the items. Yet it seems awkward when selecting non-parallel items. A physical keyboard would really help, but combining both touchscreen and keyboard is rarely used. Therefore, using single click instead of double on touchscreen display probably won’t be a better idea.

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