New Gmail Design

How to Get New Gmail Design Interface 2018 on Desktop

Earlier this year, Google introduced a redesign of Gmail interface, particularly for web or desktop client. The design itself was pretty similar to the old one, yet it added several new useful features, such as Task, Calendar, and Keep by default. The user also able to integrate another app onto the platform seamlessly. On the G Suit Marketplace, there are many apps that supposed to help user working or manage a bunch of emails. Personally, the new design is way better, easy to understand, and more intuitive. The company has deployed the update for an early adopter and planned to massive release in the next month. However, you can get new Gmail design interface now without waiting until July.

Since Google declared Gmail’s new design is only available for the desktop platform, the changes not applied to Gmail on mobile, such as Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. Perhaps the company will follow up the mobile version to sync with desktop platform after.

Get New Gmail Design

Step 1
Go to and log in to your Google account.

New Gmail Design

Step 2
Click the gears icon on the upper-right corner.

New Gmail Design

Step 3
Select Try the new Gmail, the page should be automatically reloaded to a new version of Gmail.

New Gmail Design

If you change your mind, you always allowed to go back and stay with classic-look of the services. Click the gears icon and select Go back to classic Gmail. Please note, some integrated apps that only available on the latest design will not be shown once you revert back.

What’s new on new Gmail redesign

New Gmail Design

According to Google, there are a lot of new improvements for new Gmail desktop. After you change the interface, you would notice several items that were not there before. But after many days you use it, you will realize several useful features that help you gain productivity with the new mail system. Check out following details below to see what the major improvements that Google made for Gmail.

  • G Suite integration helps you to use productivity tools on the Gmail.
  • Snooze email will temporarily silent selected email that always flooded your account.
  • Reminder features to follow up an important email that you’ve not replied yet.
  • Smart Reply now gone live on Gmail desktop, previously only available on Gmail mobile.
  • Priority Notification lets you choose whether an email will show on notification bar or not.
  • Risky Email warning will alert you when a risky email comes through.
  • Email Expiration is self-destructing mail system, useful when you sending sensitive information.
  • One-Tap Unsubscribe button also helps to quickly stop newsletters you may not regularly read.

Infographics about new Gmail design, click the picture to download.


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