Transparent Command Prompt

How to Make Command Prompt Transparent

Command Prompt (CMD) is genuinely the best tool to tweak the Windows system quickly by adding a command line. For decades, its looks and feel remain the same, literally not equivalent to Windows 10 Fluent Design which mainly has a transparent interface. Well, we can make the Command Prompt transparent as well so it would match.

Making the CMD window transparent would be great if you had a cool wallpaper. So your command-line nicely fits with the background picture.

Don’t worry, changing the appearances would not affecting its main function as the command-line interpreter, so you are good to go.

How to Make Command Prompt Transparent

1. Click the Start menu and type Command Prompt or CMD, select it from the result.

2. Right-click on the Command Prompt’s bar and select Properties.

How to Make Command Prompt Transparent

3. Navigate to the Colors tab menu. Lower the Opacity and click OK.

How to Make Command Prompt Transparent

The system allowing you to select the transparency level from 30% to 100% percent. You can also customize the font color, font type, and size to make it looks cooler.

In addition, changing CMD’s transparency level can be done with shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+Mouse Wheel (UP/DOWN) as well. This cool tips also can be applied on Windows PowerShell.

So, what do you think? Does your CMD is now more nice-looking?

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