How to Transfer Photos From Android to Mac Using USB

How to Transfer Photos From Android to Mac Using USB?

Google and Apple were in the cold of OS since last decade. Both companies try to deliver the best experience to the customer and also offer exclusive features. As the result, joining Android with the Mac seems tricky. For example, transferring files from Android to Apple device can’t be done as regular way. So, how to transfer photos from Android to Mac using USB?

For you that not a fans of wireless connection, wired USB still be a major option for copying files from different devices. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to connect an Android phone to Apple Mac or MacBook device, especially using wired protocol.

How to Transfer Photos From Android to Mac Using USB

Method 1 – Android File Transfer

  1. Download Android File Transfer to your Mac.
  2. Connect Android phone to the Mac with USB charger cable
  3. Open Mac Finder and select Android File Transfer on the drives list
  4. Double click on Android drive icon
  5. Now, you can copy videos through iMovie or photos via iPhoto

Method 2 – Image Capture

  1. Connect the Android to the Mac with a USB cable
  2. Run Image Capture program which can be found in the /Applications/folder
  3. Select your Android phone under Devices section on the left bar Image Capture
  4. Select photo destination on your Android phone
  5. When done, click Import All to transfer all selected pictures to the desired location

Method 3 – MicroSD

  1. If the photos already in MicroSD storage, remove it from the Android phone
  2. Attach the MicroSD with a card reader (MicroSD to USB adapter) / SDXC adapter
  3. Connect it to the Mac device via USB port / SDXC adapter
  4. Launch Mac Finder and you can transfer photos like the usual way
  5. After finished, detach the MicroSD and put it back on the Android phone

Using USB cable is great in terms of speed performance. But wireless file transfer still manages so well for convenient usage.

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