How to See Deleted WhatsApp Message

How to See Deleted WhatsApp Message That Has Sent

WhatsApp is one of the biggest chat messaging app in the world. Boast with 1,5 billion monthly users and average 315 million daily active users according to Fortune. The app’s feature still improved, while keeping the style as simple as possible along with low-CPU consumption. Back in 2017, Facebook as the parent company of WhatsApp announced that it supports to delete messages once it has been sent. The feature itself intended to fix mistakenly sent messages that sometimes lead to embarrassment and conflict. However, when friends decided to delete the messages, sometimes it makes me curious. But, how to see deleted WhatsApp message?

Officially, WhatsApp has not given any options to retrieve back deleted message. What will you see is a memo “This message was deleted”, meaning the message no longer available to read, both sender and receiver.

In case you want to see a message that has been deleted before you could read it, there is a free app called Notification History that able to solve this problem in particular. The app itself is available for Android and automatically integrated with WhatsApp.

How to See Deleted WhatsApp Message That Has Sent

Step 1
Download and install Notification History app from Google Play Store.

How to See Deleted WhatsApp Message

Step 2
Open the app, it will ask permission to enable Accessibility. This action will allow the app to observe the notifications.

How to See Deleted WhatsApp Message

Step 3
Now, the app will ask you again to activate Notification Access, just give it the access.

How to See Deleted WhatsApp Message

Step 4
Finally, leave the app while it tracks any incoming notifications continuously and then providing log history soon. Open the app to see the message that was deleted on WhatsApp.

Please keep in mind that you only able to see a deleted message that has been sent after Notification History installed. Meanwhile, other messages that sent before you installed the app can’t be tracked.

In addition, this app is only capable to discover the last one deleted message. For example, if you received three separated messages and all of them has deleted before read it, Notification History will show latest deleted message solely.

However, if you have friends that often delete their message quickly after it was sent, Notification History can help you encounter this kind of problem. It might prevent you stayed up at night, thinking what was the message actually is.


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