How to Screenshot on HP Computer

How to Screenshot on HP Computer Without Additional Software

Hewlett Packard (HP) is undoubtedly a leader of the personal computer market. This company surpassed other big names, such as Apple, Acer, Dell, and Lenovo according to report. Along with it, the question about the device follows at the same time, including how to screenshot on HP computer or laptop device.

The screenshot is a pretty simple job on the computer. It’s effortless and not requires deep knowledge about the computer. These tutorials will cover the way how to screenshot on Windows computer, especially for HP brand.

#1 Screenshot on HP computer using PrintScreen button

Modern computer keyboard currently designed according to international standard. It should have a letter, number, and additional function button. Fortunately, since past decades, the keyboard equipped with a new button named PrintScreen. As the name suggests, it’s supposed to capture entire display so you don’t need a camera to take pictures of the screen.

On your HP computer or laptop, press PrintScreen button. It probably abbreviated to prt scrprnt scrn, print scr, or PS instead. It located at the upper rows of the keyboard. If you don’t have access to the keyboard or physical button, try on-screen keyboard.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

Once the PrintScreen button has been pressed, now click Start Menu and find Windows default application called Paint. Open that program.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

On the blank canvas, click Paste or CTRL+V to display screenshot result.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

After the screenshot appeared, click File and then Save to store the file in image format. You can choose either BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and PNG.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

To be honest, this default PrintScreen feature is not designed to be flexible. It captures entire screen although you only want to show specific window. This is the example of a screenshot from multiple displays.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

To crop the picture, you can take the benefit of Paint or other image processing unit. But if only want to capture specific (active) window, I have the solution.

Capture only active window

First, click the window area (program) you want to take a shot, this action will make the window active. Next, press ALT+PrintScreen button simultaneously. After that, open Paint and Paste (CTRL+V) the screenshot over there. Finally, click File and then Save the picture. The method is similar as I mentioned before, you just need to press ALT button in addition.

You can paste the picture to almost all document and image processing software, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, and even Facebook post, comments, or chat window.

#2 Take a screenshot using Snipping Tool

Another powerful tool from Windows is Snipping Tool. This default app has been along since Windows 7 and the legacy remains on Windows 8 and Windows 10. From this app, you can screenshot custom area, custom window, even custom shape (not rectangular).

Open Start Menu and find Snipping Tool app.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

You probably need to select the mode before click New snip. There are 4 modes you can choose. For this guide, I’ll pick Rectangular Snip which allowing me to capture specific area I desired.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

Select the area or click the window you want to capture using mouse pointer.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

And it will display captured screen automatically. Next, click File and Save As… to save the picture.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

#3 Capture a screen that automatically saved on the computer

Both previous methods require you to save the picture manually. But actually you able to press the screenshot key and the captured image stored automatically on the computer. Unfortunately, this capability only available on Windows 10. Hence, for other OS version, two methods above might enough.

Press the Windows+PrintScreen button on HP computer, while laptop/notebook might press Windows+FN+PrintScreen (if there’s no FN button, ignore it). After it pressed, the screen will dim for a glance before back to normal.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

Then, where is the picture stored? It located in Documents → Pictures → Screenshots folder. The image extension is PNG, you’re not able to customize the format either way.

How to Screenshot on HP Computer

This feature is basically a default PrintScreen ability. But the team behind Windows 10 slightly modify it to be able to save the screenshot result automatically, thus software like Paint and Snipping Tool not necessary.

Do I able to screenshot specific window using this method?

No, it cannot capture specific window or field since this program was actually running in the background. So, there’s no interface program for use customize its ability.

Can I change the saved directory?

Again, no. The folder directory is selected by the system (Windows 10) and cannot be changed. Consider creating a shortcut if you want to access the screenshot folder quickly.

Best software for screenshot display

Windows was good enough to deliver necessary software for screenshot purposes. But it lacks feature and not covering most user expectation. Fortunately, a third-party developer has engineered their own software to replace or fill the gap that left by Microsoft. Here’s the best screenshot capture software available free.

It’s a lightweight app to capture the screen and save it automatically in the selected directory. You can choose to screenshot whole display, specific window, or custom area. This freeware also runs in the background, so just press the shortcut key, it will capture the screen for you.

This is my favorite software to capture screen. It comes with a handy feature which allows you to customize screenshot, shortcut key, editing, input text, and share the picture. In fact, the most tutorial in this blog using PicPick to illustrate the guide. This software is available free for Windows and has a portable version.

Probably known as the popular screenshot software. It nearly similar to Windows’ Snipping Tool except sharing and editing capability. Lightshot permit you to take a screenshot and upload the result to their own cloud hosting. This means you will easily share the screenshot over the internet without complex personal file hosting. Lightshot is available with no cost for Windows and Mac.


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