How to Play 360° Video on PC

How to Play 360° Video on PC for Free

The 360-degree video allows the user to customize their view from the surrounding area. There’s no doubt that 360° camera and VR is getting mainstream since 2016. The internet company such as Youtube and Facebook has launched their support for this kind of content, but the adoption of PC’s software is far slower. Only small numbers of media player that has been deployed capability to run 360-degree video, and it’s free.

Firstly, prepare your 360-degree video. You can get it from Youtube by downloading UHD resolution to reduce the pixelated effect. Once you got the video, please follow these instructions below.

How to play 360° video on PC using Movies & TV

A short guide to playing 360-degree video:

  1. Right-click on the video, click Open With and select Movies & TV
  2. Click three horizontal dots on the bottom corner and select Play as 360° video
  3. Click and drag the video to choose a different view

A complete guide to playing 360-degree video:

Right-click on the video, select Open With and choose Movies & TV. You can just Open the video if the Movies & TV is already the default media player.

How to Play 360° Video on PC

On the Movies & TV window, click the three horizontal dots and select Play as 360° Video.

How to Play 360° Video on PC

Now, drag the mouse to look around the point of view.

How to Play 360° Video on PC

However, the 360-degree video support only available if you already upgrade the system to Windows 10 Creator Update. Therefore, for Windows 10 or older OS requires additional software.

How to play 360° video on PC using VLC Media Player

How to Play 360° Video on PC

The VLC Media Player surprisingly added new ability to play 360-degree video seamlessly. This non-profit organization already released VLC 3.0 early this year to enable major modern video features. It also free and available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

First, download the VLC 3.0 on your device. Install the program as usual. If the device has an older version of VLC, the program will ask you to replace with a newer version. Once the installation is done, open the 360-degree video with it and you can drag the mouse to select preferred view.

GoPro VR Player to watch 360° video & photo

How to Play 360° Video on PC

The Kolor Eyes has been around supporting 360-degree video since the video comes up to the public. The company is acquired by GoPro and change its name to GoPro VR Player. But, don’t worry, the software still available with no costs for everyone, though non-GoPro user.

In order to view 360-degree photo & video, download GoPro VR Player on your Windows or Mac. Install and open that app, after that drag & drop the video to GoPro VR Player window. The app should immediately understand the media type and run in the 360-degree mode.

The app also works well with VR device but the quality is disappointing. The color tone is less vibrant, compared to Windows 10 Movies & TV. Perhaps they will fix the color problem with a new update.

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