How to Extend a USB Cable

3 Ways to Extend a USB Cable Without Losing Power

USB is the most popular port to connect between computer to the peripheral device through a cable. Unfortunately, the length of the cable is mostly limited to several feet. Hence, if you are using those peripheral devices far enough from the computer, increasing the length is necessary.

So, how to extend a USB cable properly?

The first thing you must do is measure the length of the cable.

Why? Because USB technology has a limited length allowed to prevent unreliable connection. There are two types of USB cable extension; passive and active.

So, what are they?

#1 Passive USB Cable Extension

The passive USB cable is the cheapest solution to extend your current USB cable. The maximum length allowed for this type is 4 meters or 13 feet. If your cable has 2 meters in length, please only choose 1 or 2 meters extension so the connection would not lose its capacity.

Increasing cable length over maximum capacity will lead to unreliable connection during data transfer and might be damaged your files. Meanwhile, to prolong beyond the limit, it requires an active USB cable.

#2 Active USB Cable Extension

Unlike passive version which limited to 4 meters in range, the active USB cable can maintain consistent rate up to 30 meters (100 feet) without losing reliability.

So, if you want to connect a computer to a device that located in your neighbor, an active USB cable could be a good solution. However, the price of this cable was many times higher than the passive one.

#3 Convert Wired USB Device into Wireless

The last option to extend range peripheral from its computer is using a B2B connection. This device allows you to connect any wired USB device and convert it to Bluetooth. Just plug in a USB mouse or USB keyboard to it, then pair the device to the computer, and bam your wired device is now wireless.

But, there’s a catch. Since it’s not using power from the host computer, any devices with energy-hungry consumption should not relying on B2B connection.

That’s it.

If there’s any question, please leave me a comment! 🙂

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