How to Delete Google Plus Page

How to Delete Google Plus Page Without Deleting Main Account 2018

Google is adding new features to its social media services, the Google Plus (Google+). Beside the main account, you can make a branded page on Google Plus to engage brand awareness. Meanwhile, when it fails or no longer used, people might abandon or delete the page. But, how to delete Google Plus page without deleting the main account?

This action was actually much simple than you think. People just worry if they accidentally delete the main account. Deleting Google Plus page is much more like deleting fan page on Facebook, it only removes anything about the page solely but not your Facebook profile.

Now, if you are not really sure about that, I have a complete guide to delete Google Plus page safely. Before we go, you need to read some important notices below.

Deleting Google Plus Page will…

  • Delete all of its page content, including, posts, photos, videos, and comments.
  • Delete the Youtube channel, including its videos, subscriber, likes, comments, playlists, and activity.
  • Delete third-party services that linked to Google Plus Page.

Deleting Googles Plus Page will NOT…

  • Delete your main Google accounts, such as Gmail, Google Plus Profile, Google Drive, and all other Google services.
  • Delete third-party services that connected to main Google account.
  • Delete other pages that owned by main Google account.

I have been many times deleting my Google Plus pages. So, you don’t need to worry about that. If you understand, let’s jump into the tutorial.

How to Delete Google Plus Page Without Deleting Main Account 2018

Log in to your Google account. Go to Google Plus and on the top right corner, click on the profile picture, and choose the page you want to delete.

How to Delete Google Plus Page

You will be directed to the page. Click the brand picture and select Manage Account.

How to Delete Google Plus Page

Click Delete Account.

How to Delete Google Plus Page

Google will ask your password in order to prevent unauthorized access. Fill your Google account password and click Next.

How to Delete Google Plus Page

After that, a deletion page will display several pieces of information regarded the page. It provides which content that will be removed or kept. I would recommend reading that information first because the deleted page cannot be recovered. If you are sure, click the following checkbox and Delete Account to confirm the final process.

How to Delete Google Plus Page

Once you click the Delete Account button, the page will be deleted permanently along its content. After the deletion, the page will no longer show on the page list. Of course, your main Google accounts still fine. Again, I’ve been doing this for many times and you know, my Google account still exists.

If you notice the title of this article, I put a year “2018” on it. Why? Because Google Plus regularly update their interface and the tutorial wouldn’t be relevant. Hence, if you found that my guide is different from actual page, please give me notices through the comment section.

Don’t forget to share your result in the comment, it might be convincing other people.

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