How to Connect Moto G to TV via USB

How to Connect Moto G to TV via USB

Motorola Moto G is an Android smartphone released back in 2013 and has the third generation which comes to follow in 2015. This phone is very popular rather than other Motorola phones. Despite it offers standard features on Android, it’s lack of TV connectivity. Some people ask me how to connect Moto G to TV via USB?

Although this phone comes with micro USB port, it was not designed to be video sources. Sure, Moto G isn’t alone, even brand new flagship phones don’t support video output through the USB port.

Luckily I found at least two options, connect the Moto G with wired and wireless.

How to connect Moto G to TV via USB

How to Connect Moto G to TV via USB

If you insist connect Moto G to TV via USB, there are no other ways except mirroring it to a laptop and then your TV.

Before we start, what you need is micro USB cable to connect your phone to laptop or PC. Secondly, you will need HDMI to HDMI cable to connect the laptop to TV.

Okay, if the tools are ready, lets we start.

First, download an Android app called Vysor. Open it and enable the USB Debugging on your phone. Don’t worry, the app will show you a guide. It really simple.

After that, the app might ask you to restart the phone.

Next, left your phone for while and download Vysor Extension for Google Chrome browser on your laptop. Launch the program and it immediately shows your phone screen.

Connect the laptop to TV using HDMI cable. Press Window+P button and choose Duplicate. Don’t forget to set video sources on your TV to HDMI sources that you using.

This method not only wors for Moto G, but also the majority of an Android phone, including Samsung, HTC, Asus, Xiaomi, Infinix, or anything else.

How to connect Moto G to TV wirelessly

How to Connect Moto G to TV via USB

Linked your Moto G with TV without cable is the most feasible option since the phone didn’t support video output.

You need a digital media player for TV, for example, Chromecast (about US $40) which developed by Google or you can use Miracast.

But you don’t need this device if your home TV already as a smart TV. It has a WiFi connection and you can easily project screen display on it.

Alright, let we start with Chromecast.

First, connect Chromecast to HDMI port on your TV along with USB port to power it. On your Moto G, go to Play Store and download Chromecast App, open it and tap on Menu icon list.

After that, select Cast Screen and choose the device you want to connect. Wait for a few seconds and the TV will show your Android screen.

Remember, the Chromecast and the phone must be connected with same WiFi access point or it won’t work.

Chromecast allows you to mirror video up to 1080p under WiFi connection. After all, this device has great advantages, but it cost you more.


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