How to Connect Keyboard to Laptop Without USB

How to Connect Keyboard to Laptop Without USB Port

We agree that onboard keyboard laptop generally not sophisticated as an external keyboard which mainly supposed to a desktop computer. But, since laptop or notebook has a very limited number of the USB port, some people occasionally trying to figure out how to connect keyboard to laptop without USB port. Fortunately, that way is feasible but sadly, cost you more.

To connect wired keyboard or mouse without USB means you need a Bluetooth adapter. This device would convert your wired devices into wireless one and not sacrifice USB port on the laptop.

How to Connect Keyboard to Laptop Without USB Port?

The wireless keyboard is nothing new, but transform wired keyboard to Bluetooth or WiFi connection is simply new. An external keyboard is more feel tactile rather than an onboard keyboard.

Now, let see the available way to connect the keyboard to without occupying existing USB port. Please note that these methods require new hardware stuff that drains your wallet.

USB to Bluetooth Convert Adapter USB2BT

How to Connect Keyboard to Laptop Without USB

The modern laptop brought Bluetooth inside the machine. We can take the advantage using a USB2BT adapter. This device looks like unfinished electronic stuff because originally intended for the DIY project.

Your wired keyboard and mouse can be connected to USB2BT, then start transmitting command data to the laptop. Since it does not come with a built-in battery, you need external power supply such as wall socket or USB power bank.

The USB2BT will cost you about $76 and sounds like the average price of high-quality Bluetooth keyboard. However, if you already have a better keyboard, purchasing this device may reasonable.

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Nulaxy Wired USB Keyboard and Mouse to Bluetooth

The USB2BT is designed for Arduino stuff, mainstream consumer are tend to prefer simplified device. That’s why Nulaxy comes along. The Nulaxy Wired USB to Bluetooth is totally easy to use. Plus, it has 2 AA battery slot as its power.

This device provides two USB port with Bluetooth connection. Just plug in your wired keyboard and mouse, then turn on the Nulaxy, and start pairing with the laptop or tablet.

But unfortunately, when I found this device is already out of stock on the Amazon and pricing is unknown. Perhaps it still available on the local market. My assumptions thought this device is extremely rare and fast selling after it released.

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Buy Wireless Keyboard

How to Connect Keyboard to Laptop Without USB

Apparently the best options yet. Since USB2BT and Nulaxy are cost you deep enough, you might want to consider purchasing new external Bluetooth keyboard. Not only the price is similar to Bluetooth adapter device, it also more effective and less configure.

The Bluetooth mechanical keyboard which mainly considered a good type of keyboard for typing and gaming only cost you less than $30. It has an internal battery that can last for few months or year.

To be fair, the Bluetooth adapter battery quickly exhausted and drained after many usages. Why? Because keyboard and mouse “think” that they are consuming energy from bigger sources, like laptop or PC. The RGB keyboard even worse in terms using Bluetooth adapter.

So in conclusion how to connect keyboard to laptop without USB port? Buy a new wireless keyboard might be a great idea.

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