How to Charge a MacBook Pro With a USB

Yes! You Can Recharge MacBook Pro via USB Port, but…

We know that notebook manufacturer these days trying to squeeze the device to be as thin as possible. Consequently, the variety of ports on the notebook become less and less. Apple’s MacBook Pro is clearly in this situation as the company pushing its user to rely on USB-C for all purposes.

So, is that possible to recharge the MacBook Pro through a USB port?

The short answer is no.

But the long answer, it depends on what type of USB connector that the device has. If your MacBook Pro has a USB-C port, you can charge the battery through it, otherwise, it doesn’t possible.

USB-C is the only USB connector that supports receiving power. Meanwhile, the most common port, that is USB-A isn’t designed to have an ability like its successor, USB-C.

What if I attach it via USB-C to USB-A converter?

How to Charge a MacBook Pro With a USB

USB-A and USB-C connector

Well, sounds good but doesn’t work.

The USB-A can’t receive power, it was only able to deliver power from one source to another. So, there’s no way charge a MacBook Pro with USB-A.

Lucky for you if you had a MacBook or any laptop with USB-C. It’s the most advanced and fast port available today. It supports transfer data, supply power, and of course, receives power from the charger adapter.

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