How to Charge a MacBook Pro With a USB

How to Charge a MacBook Pro With a USB?

The USB port becomes the most common interface across computing devices. It works both delivering power and transferring data. It so popular, and MacBook isn’t the exception. This Apple-made notebook comes either USB-A and USB-C for the modern version. Yet, how to charge a MacBook Pro with a USB? Does it possible?

The short answer is no. But the long answer, it depends on the connector that the device has. If your MacBook Pro has a USB-C port, you can charge the battery through it, otherwise, it doesn’t possible.

USB-C is the only USB connector that supports receiving power. Meanwhile, the most common port, that is USB-A isn’t designed to have an ability like its successor, USB-C.

What if I attach it via USB-C to USB-A converter?

How to Charge a MacBook Pro With a USB

USB-A and USB-C connector

Well, sounds good but doesn’t work. The USB-A can’t receive power, it only able to deliver it from the computer. So, there’s no way charge a MacBook Pro with USB-A.

Lucky for you if you had a MacBook or any laptop with USB-C. It’s the most advanced and fast port available today. It supports transfer data, supply power, and of course, receives power from charger adapter.

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