Flash Drive Password Protect

Free Apps for Flash Drive Password Protect

What are reliable apps to flash drive password protect? There are many good apps for that. But not all of them offer great security and encryption. In addition, most of that software requires you to pay a subscription which is in most case not really necessary for the regular user. Here the best apps you can use to protect your flash drive with a password.

Protect your flash drive using Rohos

Rohos Mini Drive is simple tools to encrypt your flash drive to avoid non-allowed access. These apps encrypt with AES 256 bit password partition on your flash drive. What you need is install the program on the flash drive, select amount of capacity that you want to protect, and it will cover all files with boundaries which only pass with the password.

Unfortunately, Rohos only give protection to 8 GB of capacity. Meanwhile for any storage devices above is still able to use but the rest of storage is not protected. This is can be good or bad depending on your needs.

Download Rohos Mini Drive – Available free for Windows 7/8/10

Advanced encryption using VeraCrypt

Flash Drive Password Protect

If your flash drive stored kind like nuclear launch code, you might need VeraCrypt because these apps will push you to use a really safe password. Before performing encryption, you will have to format USB drive. During the encryption, you need to move your mouse randomly inside the wizard window in order to determine the cryptographic strength.

Download VeraCrypt Portable – Available free for Windows

Create a password-protected file with the archive

Some of you probably already know about this. Archiving apps, like 7-Zip and WinRar giving protection features to prevent not invited access. If other people don’t have the password, the files will break up when extracting. But the original file still fine.

Download 7-Zip – Available for Windows and Linux
Download WinRar – Actually need to pay but has endlessly trial

BONUS: TrueCrypt, it’s similar with Rohos but with more advanced options and easier to use. It’s available free for Windows on Sourceforge.

Did you have any recommendation flash drive password protect software? Share in the comment!


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