Find Windows 10 Build Number

5 Ways to Find Windows 10 Build Number

Windows 10 is the last line of the Windows operating system family. Microsoft will give lifetime update instead of releasing new OS. The consequences are pretty clear, you need to keep pace the latest iteration of Windows 10 in order to claims additional features.

You might now that Microsoft defining each major update by something called Build Number, a several digits number that represents Windows 10 version. This information is way important since it influences the capabilities, configurations, drivers, of the system, even you can find the best way to fix something wrong.

If you looking for a Build Number of Windows 10, the following tips will help you!

Method 1: Quickly find Build Number from About Windows

Find Windows 10 Build Number

The fastest way to see the Build Number is from About Windows, a piece of basic information of the system you’ve been used. Simply by go to the Start Menu, type “winver” and run that command. You would see the version, OS build number, and license of the Windows.

In addition, the command has also available to use on the Windows Run just in case you frequently using this feature.

Method 2: Build Number on the Windows Settings

Find Windows 10 Build Number

Windows Settings is still a simple interface yet getting more features over time. Go to Start Menu and then click Settings, navigate to System, and then click About on the sidebar tab. Next, scroll down to Windows specifications, you will see a Build Number next to OS Build section.

Method 3: DirectX Diagnostic Tool

Find Windows 10 Build Number

Who says DirectX Diagnostic Tool is for people who looking for machine’s specification? Build Number has also available there. You can find it through, Start Menu, type “dxdiag” and run the program. Please wait for seconds until the program has launched. The Build Number is graven next to Operating System info.

Method 4: Complete Information of your PC including Build Number

Find Windows 10 Build Number

System Information is the best way to see a computer’s overall information. You also able to find Windows 10 Build Number there. Simply go to Start Menu and search for “System Information”. Once it launched, point your eye to the row below OS Name.

Method 5: Find Windows 10 Build Number on Command Prompt

Find Windows 10 Build Number

The Command Prompt a.k.a CMD still a thing on Windows 10. In order to get Build Number, launch CMD which you can find it on the Start Menu. Then, type “systeminfo” and press Enter. It might need several seconds to load the ordered command. Once finished, navigate to OS Version to get Build Number.

Windows 10 version overview

Both Version and Build Number in Windows 10 are the same information. Put simply, if you install a major update, like Redstone for example, it would replace the Version and Build Number at that time. Here are the details of Windows 10 Version and Build Number.

Version Build Number Codename/Marketing Name Date
Windows 10 10.0.10240 Threshold 1 July 29, 2015
Windows 10 (1607) 10.0.10586 Threshold 2/November Update November 10, 2015
Windows 10 (1607) 10.0.14393 Redstone 1/Anniversary Update August 2, 2016
Windows 10 (1703) 10.0.15063 Redstone 2/Creators Update April 5, 2017
Windows 10 (1709) 10.0.16299 Redstone 3/Fall Creators Update October 17, 2017
Windows 10 (1803) 10.0.17134 Redstone 4/April 2018 Update April 30, 2018
Windows 10 (1809) TBA Redstone 5/TBA Late 2018 (TBA)

So, you don’t need to memorize the Build Number which tends to hard, instead, you can define the OS by its version or codename/marketing name.

Please ensure your computer get the latest update of the OS. You may be interested to check out some tips to accelerate the update speed.

Alright, that’s five methods to find Windows 10 Build Number. Hope it help!

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