Enable Color Filters in Windows 10

How to Enable Color Filters in Windows 10 fo Color Blind People

Back when Microsoft deployed Fall Creators Update in October 2017, Windows 10 got dozens of new features for Settings menu in particular. One noticeable element is Color Filters. Well instead of adjusting the RGB level of the monitor, it’s supposed for people with color blindness. By activating that feature, Windows 10 will automatically adjust the saturation of colors on the screen and make it easy to distinguish.

Unlike normal vision, color blindness only capable to see less color. Some of them even see the world in black and white color, making them difficult to work on software with the color-sensitive interface.

Color Filters basically makes everything on the screen contrast to help deuteranopia, protanopia, and tritanopia using the computer. It would not people with color blindness see more colors, yet to spot differences between similar color easily.

Before you enable Color Filters in Windows 10, make sure the system has already updated to the Fall Creators Update.

How to Enable Color Filters in Windows 10

Step 1
Go to Start Menu and click on the Settings which represented by gears icon.

Enable Color Filters in Windows 10

Step 2
Now, select the Ease of Access.

Enable Color Filters in Windows 10

Step 3
On the left sidebar, click the Color filters selection.

Step 4
Now, turn it on and select the filters settings, either Inverted, Grayscale, Grayscale inverted, Deuteranopia, Protanopia, or Tritanopia depending on the condition.

Enable Color Filters in Windows 10

You can also enable the shortcut options and just press WINDOWS+CTRL+C simultaneously to switch between normal mode and Color Filters instantly.

To be precise, the Color Filters not only affected the screen but also the screenshot and screen video as well. Hence, capture a screenshot when the Color Filters activated isn’t a good idea if you expect actual colors. In addition, the colors you see might interfere if the Night Light is activated.

Well, that’s a simple way to enable Color Filters in Windows 10. Perhaps Microsoft will bring beneficial features for disabilities in coming updates.


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