About USBtip.com

March 18, 2018

Universal Serial Bus or USB is industrial standard computer port that designed to be a bridge for different applications. USB port designed in 1996 by Compaq, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and other IT companies in order to help user gain experience on their devices.

Unfortunately, since USB revolution began a decade ago, many manufactures sells new USB devices but despite plug & play claim, it always leads to the new problem. Here, USBtip.com came to answer.

May 3, 2018

While computer gadget increasing dramatically in recent years, the USB port became the popular interface to linked more than one device. But then, I realized that computer isn’t always talking about the connector and its secondary device. Only covering about USB world sounds to be a rigid decision in the high-flexibility computer capability.

Therefore, I decided to remove the barrier and start providing any guide to computer and its world, including a new device such as smartphone and PC tablet. It sounds doesn’t make any sense while the domain is embedded with a USB word but the content is covering a computer in general. Yet, I think it still makes a sense, USB is a part of the machine and everything on it always connected each other, like the slogan of USBtip.com – Always Connected.